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What's inIt?

After the conclusion of this book, the reader will be able to know:

a)  What the “Natural Faithvirus” is all about.

b)  Which is the only formula pleasing to God for salvation.

c)  Know the real reason for Jesus’ coming and obtain the benefit of His appearance.

  1. How important it is to know the condition of our Faith and Soul before God.

  2. The importance of seeking and believing in God as demanded by Him to be saved.

  3. The big difference between what it is: “Divine Faith,” “Natural Faith,” and “Salvation Faith.”

  4. What kind of faith do they have and must have to go to Heaven.

  5. What to do to obtain “Salvation Faith.”

  6. How to use the spiritual condition indicator.

¿Qué contiene?

Después de la conclusión de este estudio el lector estará capacitado para:

  1. Saber por qué el mundo es tan pecaminoso y cruel a pesar de que el 98% de todos los seres humanos creen y confiesan tener fe en Dios. (lecciones VI-VII)

  2. Saber por qué la vida parece ser sin propósito y amarga y la depresión está por doquier. (I, III)

  3. Conocer la realidad y el verdadero propósito de la vida conforme al designio de Dios. (III)

  4. Conocer la diferencia entre la “Fe Natural” y la “Fe Salvadora,” y cómo obtener esa “fe Salvadora.” (VI)

  5. Conocer los motivos por los cuales Cristo tuvo que venir y como obtener el beneficio de su venida. (IV) (Cont.)

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What's inIt?

 Smoothies for Weight Loss: Over 60 Delicious Quick & Easy Smoothie Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss, Detox, and Anti-Aging Paperback 

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What's inIt?

Four Books in One:

  1. Doctor Sebi approved alkaline diet book.

The beginners guided to healing the electric body and achieving a healthier and toxin free lifestyle with 39 delicious recipes.

    2. Doctor Sebi alkaline diet smoothie received food book.

Discover delicious alkaline & electric smoothies to naturally cleanse, revitalize and heal your body from diseases with Doctor Sebi’s approved diets.

    3. The ultimate guide to eliminate mucus build-up, cleanse the body from toxins, and improve overall health following Dr. Sebi’s Natural plants-based herbal healing metho.

     4. Doctor Sebi fasting:

Cleanse, revitalize, and heal your body through doctor Sebi’s recommended method of intra-cellular.

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The Church Fathers, Early Church Fathers, Christian Fathers, or Fathers of the Church were ancient and influential Christian theologians and writers who established the intellectual and doctrinal foundations of Christianity. The historical period in which they worked became known as the Patristic Era and spans approximately from the late 1st to mid 8th centuries, flourishing in parti…

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